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Strong community

The residential complex consists of four L-shaped buildings, each with three floors, and has a total of 178 apartments.

Your home

Hillside offers you modern studios and apartments in varying sizes. Your 20 to 38-square-metre home.


An annual utility cost accounting ensures a transparent and fair cost structure

The Location

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  • wiesbaden
  • wiesbaden

Between the Rhine and the Taunus – Wiesbaden


Hesse’s state capital is home to approximately 290,000 inhabitants. Located in the heart of the Rhine-Main Region, Wiesbaden is an economic, cultural and social centre, as well as one of the most affluent cities in Germany. Its modern urban development and commitment to protecting the environment, nature and public health make it a particularly attractive city.


The city’s green spaces and parks alone provide space for 40,000 trees. Nearby woodland and the forested areas of the Rhine-Taunus Nature Park extend across an area of approximately 5,800 hectares. The entire region is home to numerous protected areas belonging to the EU Natura-2000 conservation scheme: the largest of these is the Rhine-Taunus Nature Park, which begins at the city’s northern outskirts.


Home to fifteen thermal and mineral springs, Wiesbaden is one of Europe’s oldest spa resorts. It was probably on account of these natural phenomena that the region between the Rhine and the Taunus mountain range saw early settlers there more than 5,000 years ago. Even the Roman historian Pliny wrote of the “hot springs” for which Wiesbaden is famous.

Klarenthal – Wiesbaden’s Green Gateway

Old and new

At once the city’s oldest suburb and its newest neighbourhood, Klarenthal is a modern residential area surrounded by greenery. Founded in the 1960s, it is one of the city’s modern residential areas. Its name, however, originates from Klarenthal Abbey, the first written reference of which can be traced back to the 13th century.


Situated on the slopes of the Taunus, Klarenthal offers wonderful views across the centre of Wiesbaden. Those who call Klarenthal home describe their neighbourhood as Wiesbaden’s “Green Gateway” – and appreciate the relaxed lifestyle it affords, somewhere between nature and the city.

Halfway between nature and the city

As a residential area surrounded by greenery, populated with high rise buildings and terraced houses, Klarenthal combines attractive natural surroundings with the needs of urban life. It is a haven for all those who value calm yet wish to live close to the city centre – and a popular destination for those seeking to escape the city at the weekend.


The area offers many opportunities for shopping, eating out, medical care, public transport connections, childcare and cultural institutions. Klarenthal’s infrastructure is well-developed and offers reliable access to everyday necessities.


The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences and the University of Applied Sciences for Police and Public Administration (Hesse) are both located in the neighbourhood – making the hillside the perfect location for students at these institutions. Nonetheless, anyone studying at the European Business School or at one of the numerous other universities and institutions of higher and technical education in the Rhine-Main Region will benefit from its location, infrastructure and accessibility.


Hessian College of Police and Administration


HFH – Hamburger Fern-Hochschule


Hochschule RheinMain


Hessische Hochschulen


Wiesbaden Business School

The Building

REWE, Café & Bakery

REWE supermarket with integrated café & bakery, in the basement of the building.


Modern designed outdoor facilities.


32 car parking spaces for the entire residential complex, subject to a charge.


Washing machines in every building for you to use yourself, subject to a charge.


Ample bicycle parking on the entire site.

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  • hillside Wiesbaden
  • hillside Wiesbaden

The Apartments


from 385 €

Rent per month
(excl. operating costs, heating costs, electricity and internet)
ca. 20 m²

Small +

from 385€

Rent per month
(excl. operating costs, heating costs, electricity and internet)
ca. 21 m²


from 415€

Rent per month
(excl. operating costs, heating costs, electricity and internet)
ca. 23 m²

Large Typ 1

from 425€

Rent per month
(excl. operating costs, heating costs, electricity and internet)
ca. 27 m²

Large Typ 2

from 445€

Rent per month
(excl. operating costs, heating costs, electricity and internet)
ca. 26 m²

Large Typ 3

from 455€

Rent per month
(excl. operating costs, heating costs, electricity and internet)
ca. 28 m²

Extra Large

from 565€

Rent per month
(excl. operating costs, heating costs, electricity and internet)
ca. 37 m²

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  • Hillside Wiesbaden
  • Hillside Wiesbaden
  • Hillside Wiesbaden

Pantry kitchen

Kitchenette including fridge, stove, and microwave.

Private bathroom

Each apartment has its own bathroom with shower.

Bed & wardrobe

No need to move furniture — the apartment comes with a bed and wardrobe.

Desk and chair

Open up your laptop and get started.

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